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k 3 rep repo
yeah, have been working on some android hardware lately.
2.1,2.2 froyo
4.1.1,4.1.2 jelly bean
it can be said that although the man machine interace under android is still cumbersome, and slow, a marked improvement is noticeable from froyo edition to jelly bean
video works at our Lenovo tablet, which is best, yarvik 7c kinda works, froyo not multi-media capable...
but it means that it must be possible to make an interface more kinda console, meaning text base..
that should be tried, slowly, right here. it will be like dos, teletext and such meaning mostly text-based, with some graphics (pictures) added in.
don't hold your breath, a lot of slow thinking is involved in this type of development
let love rule da roost.................. xxxxx ur pal bernard


lets tweak